Yet Another Letter from a Supporter to Gerry Connolly (VA11)


The view from my peaceful perch is getting blocked by the reams of paper that is this latest bill on top of the reams of paper that is the Senate bill for which you are being asked to support this weekend.

As a simple person running a simple business, I know that the devil is always in the details. When someone presents me with a lengthy contract, experience has taught that I must read and study its thoroughly before proceeding. You and all of your staff cannot possibly read and analyze these tomes before proceeding. Your opponents in November will use this analogy as another reason to defeat you. It is an easy ad: “There’s no way Gerry Connolly could have read this 2,500 page legal document that changed health care for everybody. He’s just another politician in Nancy Pelosi’s pocket.”  Putting your opponent into the same picture with a unpopular liberal like Ms. Pelosi is a proven tactic for winning in the South.

Obviously I don’t have the time to read these bills so my information is confined to what is reported. But if it is true that the bill delegates to the IRS the responsibility to insure that all Americans are purchasing approved insurance policies, then there is no other reason needed to oppose the bills.

  • The IRS would have the power to “enforce” everybody’s buying an insurance policy from private companies. How does this relate to collecting the governments taxes?
  • All an insurance company would have to do to insure customers is get on the “approved” list. Since this list will be supervised by government bureaucrats appointed by politicians, it will soon become an extension of the insurance companies.
  • All insurance innovation will cease since to be on the list is all that is required to obtain customers; those on the list would block new comers. Costs will go up accordingly.

You have been strangely silent on health care which I take to mean you are hoping to avoid the issue. This is not leadership for which you have worked so hard to provide. Events will soon overwhelm and prevent your meaningful input into the process.

I remain your friend and wish the best for you.