Stop the BS'ers (Big Spenders) With Our Credit Card

There’s no difference between a Democrat and Republican career politician in Congress when it comes to BS’ing (that’s Big Spending and maybe even the other thing too).

Despite his self promotion as a fiscal hawk, Republican Senator Jeff Sessions sponsored and approved $85 million per year for five years for the Boys and Girls Club. $2.2 million had already gone to the Washington lobbyist who “secured” the money for the club, $1 million went to the salary of the charity’s CEO for his philanthropic sacrifices, and Session’s campaign coffers certainly will get its share from the individuals and Pac’s involved. Everybody was happy and felt good about doing the Country’s work. http://bit.ly/cyJgky

Eric Cantor, the Republican Minority Whip, opposed the Stimulus Bill because of its wasteful BS’ing, but then he takes credit for the hundreds of million dollars being spent on studies that will let someone get from Richmond to Washington in 45 minutes on a train. His excuse is that he and others (i.e. his supporters and contributors) have been working on this project for years and unlike everything else in Washington, his project is worthwhile. http://bit.ly/cdmgmx and http://bit.ly/c46H9N

These may not be unworthy projects but they are two examples of the real issue: All of this BS’ing is not financed with tax dollars but with debt. Our career politicians are having great fun shopping, “doing good”, and strutting about with our country’s credit card and showing absolutely no regard for who’s going to pay it off.

At least we expect Democrats to be BS’ers. (This Health Care bill would be their finest achievement ever.) But the Republicans in Congress were the same bunch who went crazy with our card when they were in charge.  

There’s nothing to be done except turn the whole bunch of BS’ers out.