If It's Now, Why This?

If it must be now, why this approach to health care reform?

  • It adds another inefficient and unpaid entitlement to our national obligations. Taxes won’t pay for our current entitlements, much less this new one; and citizens will never allow politicians to tax them sufficient to do so. That means we have to borrow the short falls. At some point, lenders are going to say enough. Then what do we do? Is this health care bill going to become the “mother of all sub-prime mortgages?”
  • It’s 2,500 plus pages are filled with corrupt deals. Every powerful Congressman and Senator has carved out exceptions for their friends and supporters, leaving the rest of us poor mopes picking up the tab. The President just sold an Appellate Judgeship for a vote.
  • It is so heavily weighted towards government oversight that we are fashioning our health care into a DMV, INS, the Post Office, or all of the other unresponsive, bureaucratic nightmares run by governments.

Since the Democratic leadership won’t start over, there’s no alternative except to defeat it.