Moderate Reasons for Moderate Democrats to Vote No

If they are listening, here are three moderate reasons for moderate Democrats to vote no on the Health Care bill:

  1. Republican extremes want private market forces to solve every problem; Democrat extremes want the Federal Government to administer every system. Neither of these two approaches will work for health care. The lack of a single Republican supporter of the present legislation clearly shows that it is too heavily weighted to the public solution and will lead to forced participation through laws and taxes, bureaucratic inefficiencies, stymied innovation, and rationing of services. One need only look at DMV’s, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Post Office, construction permitting departments, etc. to realize where public administration will take us.
  2. The present Federal entitlements – Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security – are unsustainable. Americans will not pay taxes sufficient to fund these programs and the country’s lenders will not make up the short falls; the promises made by earlier politicians, however sincere, were bogus. The current legislation adds another expensive, unsustainable entitlement to the list. Rather than inflating the debt bubble and the terrible consequences when it bursts, we need political leaders who work to reduce these entitlements to cover only the most desperate in our society no matter how unpopular that may be.
  3. Press reports and two thousand plus pages indicate that the present bill is full of “special deals” for the friends and supporters of Representatives and Senators. The rest of us who would never ask for nor expect special treatment are left to pay the tab. Many of our present laws and regulations are rendered unfair and unworkable by these practices and there is no justification to further corrupt our health systems.