Dr.Hsieh's Moral Case Against Health Care

Dr. Hsieh is correct in his fine post on Pajamas Media.  By linking their Health Care bill to the moral cause of providing medical services to the needy, the proponents can side step any “economic or corruption issues.”

The argument against the Health Care bill cannot be won with just economic or corruption issues .The only way Americans can protect their long-term access to quality medical care is by demanding that the government respect their freedom and individual rights. Any system of “universal” health care necessarily requires a bureaucracy to control who can receive what services and when — if only to control costs. The medical rationing in Canada and the UK are typical results. In these countries, far from being a “right,” health care becomes just another privilege to be dispensed at the discretion of the bureaucrats.

Opponents must bring “moral” arguements to the discussion also. Anyone care to elaborate.