What WE Must Do Regarding Economic Stimuli

Alright, I would like to ask you to stick with me here.  In less then one month, Barrack Obama will become President Obama.  As you all know by now, his signature opening plan to “help” our economy is a stimulus package that could reach upwards of a trillion dollars.  Now this will never work.  It has never worked in history, and it will never work in the future.  The New Deal was instituted in 1932 by FDR to get us out of the Great Depression, and by 1941 we were still well stuck in the Great Depression.  If the New Deal didn’t work, why in the world would a New, New Deal work?  It won’t, but either Obama is truly just stupid and ignorant, or he knows that this is his one chance to completely change our country and bring about a massive system of wealth distribution and equality.  Every liberals dream.  It will be the end of capitalism as we know it.  “And good riddance”, spouts Michael Moore.

       There are only two ways we are going to be able to pay for this.  One is to take on massive debt severely knocking up the national deficit.  Might as well call it the “Chinese Stimulus Package”.  The other way is to just print money which will bring about insane hyperinflation somewhere down the road.  This will make the Carter years look desirable.  Not that the liberals care, they still believe that the reason the public didn’t like Carter’s policies was because he couldn’t handle the “political” side of the job.  They still believe his policies were loved, and only if he were a better politician, he would have been re-elected.  Never mind 12% unemployment and skyrocketing inflation and interest rates. 

Anyways, it will probably be a disastrous combination of both methods.  Now, we know what the result will be, but why go through this in the first place.  This is our chance to block Obama’s economic disaster package, help fix our economy greatly, and score major political points in the process.  But it will be tough, tricky, and we must be organized.

How are we going to do this?  Here are some key points:

  •      We must be organized, and we must be unified, and we must do it quick.  We need to get all 41/42 Senators on board, all 21 governors, the RNC, as many Representatives as possible, Rush, Fox News, Hannity, and every major conservative organization – Heritage, Club for Growth, Americans for Tax Reform, etc.
  •        We can not simply just block the plan and say we are going to wait out the crisis until market forces take over.  The American public will hate us, the MSM will rip us to shreds, and the vast majority of the country will view those evil Republicans as “blocking change”.  Worst of all, after we take the political hit, and Obama’s stimulus gets steam rolled over us, the plan will completely destroy our country’s economy as depicted above.
  •   We must present a plan.  A real plan.  Yes we will need to have government spending, but in a good way.  The plan:
  •     I know it has been stated before, but we need to use the remaining $350B from TARP as well as an additional $700B stimulus package to give all Americans a tax holiday from January until September 1st.  No social security taxes, no income taxes, nothing.  An almost year long tax holiday: Nobody but the looniest liberal could argue against that.  The TARP and stimulus package money would be used to run the government throughout the period.  Speaker Gingrich can articulate this better then I ever could.  Make sure to read it here: http://newt.org/tabid/102/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/3878/Default.aspx
  • We can not let the question be be turned into “stimulus package vs. no stimulus package.” We need it to be “our stimulus package vs. their stimulus package.”
  • We need to make it clear to the American people that there IS a choice. One plan has been tried before, its goal is to “preserve” jobs, and will probably not affect you unless you are an illegal alien working for a road construction company. The other plan will benefit you direct directly by giving you your ENTIRE pay check for almost eight months.
  • We need to get the question into every American’s mind: “Which policy do you think will help stimulate the economy more? Call your representative and tell them what you think now.”
  • We need the atmosphere to seem like an election. There is a serious choice and the American public need to make a decision and voice their opinion. We need to pound the internet and TV stations with ads. We need all our top guns all over all the usual shows driving our message.
  • All Americans that pay attention to the news MUST be informed of what is going on. The debate should be discussed in all newspaper front pages, news shows, and websites.
  • We need to get organized and present our stimulus package first. And soon as Obama and his liberal friends introduce theirs, we must filibuster it. We know the questions will come: “Why are you blocking President Obama from helping our economy? “ We must answer consistently and confidently, “Because it will not work and we got a better plan.”
  • If we can get unified and get the ball rolling, I am sure the majority of the American people will side with us. WE will then have the best chance of fixing our economy and blocking this nationalization of our economy. If Obama does find a way of ramming it through us and the public consent, the American people will revolt and we can be practically assured of large gains in 2010.
  • We must not simply be a block in their plan, WE MUST OFFER A CONSISTANT ALTERNATIVE PLAN.


Now I know that the best thing to do would be to simply just let the free market play out, lower taxes, and cut government waste. The economy would turn around pretty quickly, I agree. Please don’t try and argue that with me. The problem is the MSM will be highlighting every massive layoff and company failure that are bound to come with a natural recession. The American public will not be patient with small government while they are losing their jobs. By government not doing anything, they will allow Barrack Obama to come up with an even bigger stimulus package after he declares, 3 months after we block his plan, that doing nothing has failed. This will cause even more economic problems, and we probably will be seen as the party of political hindrance, and can forget about 2010.We must do this, and we must start now. I am not sure if this ball will get rolling, but why not try and launch it here at Redstate.