Dale Robertson Great Pick for Washed Up Times

Dear Washington Time,

I was the individual who exposed Dale Robertson for the racist picture. Until that picture was brought forward no one in the Tea Party Movement knew Dale Robertson. Now he has become the joke that is always brought up during happy hour. The picture with Dale at the Houston Tea Party on February 27th with the sign “Niggar” is real. It is not a fake and if Dale Robertson says it is a fake he is not only a racist he is a liar.

Your association with Robertson means one of three things.

1. Your paper and those that hire the likes of Robertson are racist.

2. You desire to demean the Tea Party in any manner possible so you hire Robertson to do so.

3. Your standards have stooped so low as to hire proven racist to blog for your paper. What’s next a foreign reporter named Osama Bin Laden?

So Washed Up Times it is your call. Will you forever be known as a Racist Paper? Will Dale Robertson forever be known as “Your” spokesperson? Because he sure as hell is not the Tea Party spokes (anything).