Rep. Connie Mack Attacks Arizona

Congressman Connie Mack has chosen to ignore the Constitution and attack the state of Arizona by comparing it to Nazi Germany.

“This law of ‘frontier justice’ – where law enforcement officials are required to stop anyone based on “reasonable suspicion” that they may be in the country illegally – is reminiscent of a time during World War II when the Gestapo in Germany stopped people on the street and asked for their papers without probable cause. It shouldn’t be against the law to not have proof of citizenship on you.”

Just like the hundreds of bills that cross his desk each year, he has failed to read the Arizona law before he opens his mouth. Instead, Rep. Mack has decided to join other politicians who pander to the Hispanic vote.

Article 4 Section 4 of the United States Constitution enforces the truth that Mack has failed in his duties as a Congressman.

If half a million illegals crossing the border of Arizona is not an invasion, what is? If an average of three border patrol agents assaulted daily is not an attack, what is? If citizens being murdered, assaulted, and property destroy is not domestic violence, what is?

The Democrat and Republican leadership is exchanging the security of this country for votes. They are trading the rights of citizens for the nonexistent rights of illegals who violate the laws of our country. They have decided that it is more important to cater to the Hispanic vote than it is to uphold the Constitution. Rep. Mack and his fellow Congressmen took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Failure to do so should result in the loss of office.

The most telling statement from Rep. Mack is. “This is not the America I grew up in and believe in, and it’s not the America I want my children to grow up in.

Rep. Mack I suggest you either enforce the United States Constitution and Federal Laws or move. I understand Venezuela is nice this time of year.

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