What part of "Never" don't you understand? #NeverTrump

Comments like this are what pass for serious thought on the Trump Train:

You can’t duck this one, folks. This isn’t about Supreme Court decisions clustered on the head of a pin. Holding to #NeverTrump after today, isn’t the Cornellian dilemma; its the Burkean reality, of Islamist slaughter on American streetcorners, and blood on YOUR hands.

This is Clintonian logic, folks. Instead of blaming the Islamists for their terror, blame the domestic political enemy, for immediate partisan advantage.

However I won’t be fooled. I will now kneel before Zod. I will not become Donald Trump’s manservant, selling my dignity to prove myself a loyal party hack.


As I said in January, I Reject Donald Trump And Would Never Vote For Him. Unlike Reince Priebus and other GOP sellouts, my principles are not for sale.