Could Obama actually lose?

The more I think about it, the more I really wonder if Obama could lose in 2012. Consider what was supposed to be making people support him and his party in 2008:

[ ] Lower the seas
[ ] Stop the "bailouts"
[ ] Free the GTMO prisoners
[ ] End the fighting in Iraq
[ ] End the fighting Afghanistan
[ ] Don't fly regular Predator missions in Pakistan
[ ] End the "Bush Tax Cuts"
[ ] Free people from the "tyranny" of having to buy medical insurance
[ ] Allow openly gay people to serve in the military
[ ] Replace a Supreme Court justice opposed to Casey
[ ] Cap and Trade
[ ] End the secret ballot for union certification
[ ] World respect at venues like Copenhagen, Olympics, World Cup
[ ] Lower unemployment
[ ] Reduce dependence on foreign oil

But then what have they achieved?

[X] Freebies for wealthy fatcats at Planned Parenthood
[X] Freebies for wealthy fatcats at UAW
[X] Sweetheart deal for medical insurance companies
[X] Defeat of DeMint earmark ban
[X] Put America's first open race bigoted woman on the Supreme Court
[X] Put the King of Queens on the Supreme Court
[X] Minimum wage increase
[X] Minimum wage increase waiver for places where the Pelosi family has business interests  

What am I missing?