No, that wasn't Chuck DeVore being slammed

Ray Haynes at Flash Report has a subtle hit up on somebody running for office this year:

The key years for the current budget are the 06-07 and the 07-08 budgets[….] As critical to the current crisis, however, is the 07-08 budget. A legislator, or former legislator that voted for 07-08 budget, and who is now running for office, who claims to be a fiscal conservative, is deceiving Republican voters.

I confess, I’m only watching two statewide races right now: Governor and Senator. So my first concern was whether this was an attack on Chuck DeVore, the only man in either race with experience in the California Legislature. That led me to check up on the matter.

As it turns out no, this can’t be referencing Chuck. He voted No on three of the last four budgets, including the budgets Haynes calls critical to our state budget crisis. The one yes vote was for the 08-09 budget after Republicans held out for 88 days against Democrat demands that we sign off on higher taxes. We won that holdout, and so this vote was not scored by the California Republican Assembly.

So rest easy, conservatives. Chuck DeVore is not a closet big spender.