The Andrew McLaughlin scandal deepens

Recap of the previous episode: BigGovernment.com found through a Google Buzz security hole that White House Deputy CTO Andrew McLaughlin was using a GMail account to keep in touch with a bunch of people at Google, his former employer, including a number of key lobbyists for the firm

As a result, a FOIA request was filed for McLaughlin’s email correspondence. In response, McLaughlin’s Google profile was made to vanish.

The investigation continues, though. Blackfive is on the case and despite being known primarily for expertise on military matters, has broken a big story. McLaughlin himself has been lobbying for Google in the course of his White House duties, attempting to benefit the company’s investment in Clearwire in the course of Haiti reconstruction.

Ethics? Clearing out lobbyists? Obamises, Obamises.

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