The right speaks out against Net Neutrality

A letter opposing Net Neutrality went out today to members of Congress from a number of groups on the right. The spectrum of our movement is represented: libertarian groups, religious and values-oriented groups, economic and fiscal policy advocates, large organizations, and grass roots are all there. The entire list of signers, available below the fold, is as diverse as it is long.

They all recognize that we’ve all benefited from how the Internet has grown and innovated under years of regulation with a “light touch,” because contrary to myth the Internet has never been a Title II Common Carrier under the Communications Act*, and that we must continue to allow the free flow of information without heavy-handed government interference. Competition protects us better than empowering an activist FCC ever could.

I’m glad to see that more of us are coming around on this critical issue. We’re a long way from the days when Free Press front group Save the Internet could rattle off technobabble and convince conservatives that their neo-Marxist regulatory plans were harmless.

* I linked to AT&T, and now the neo-Marxists are going to call me a capitalist lap dog! Oh no! Everybody Panic!

Anyway, here’s the letter itself for review:

April 15, 2010

Dear Member of Congress,

We are writing to alert you of a dangerous effort currently underway at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Unelected bureaucrats are seeking to fundamentally alter the federal government’s role in regulating the Internet by imposing so-called “net neutrality” mandates. Democratic and Republican administrations alike have agreed that a “light touch” approach to the Internet creates competition, lowers prices, incentivizes innovation, and ultimately benefits consumers. The current proposal under consideration is a harmful departure from long held successful policies. The FCC’s attempt to regulate the Internet is unwise and must be opposed.

The Internet is prime example of what can be achieved when companies are free to compete without the intervention of the heavy-hand of government. America’s broadband service providers have invested billions of dollars in improving their networks and consumers are winning. The Internet is faster than it’s ever been, we have access to high-definition video online, and new premium online services are made available daily. The great success of the Internet has been made possible because the government has stayed out. There is no evidence of a market failure to justify the burdensome government regulations some are proposing. Unfortunately, it appears that a few FCC commissioners lack an understanding of how regulations affect investment.

Net neutrality regulations also call into question how obscenity and other objectionable content on the Internet is treated. Let’s be clear, all content is not equal and does not deserve equal treatment, but net neutrality prohibits broadband service providers from prioritizing the content consumers want and preventing peddlers of child pornography from having unblocked access to every home Internet connection. It is critically important for parents and families to continue to have access to the tools necessary to keep unwanted content out of the home.

We ask that you support innovation, competition, and consumers and oppose this effort to regulate the Internet.


Phyllis Schlafly
President and Founder
Eagle Forum

Penny Nance
Concerned Women of America

Grover Norquist 
Americans for Tax Reform
Tom McClusky
Sr. Vice President
Family Research Council Action 

Tim Phillips
Americans for Prosperity

Steve Pociask
American Consumer Institute

C. Preston Noell III
Tradition, Family, Property, Inc.

Andresen Blom
Executive Director
American Principles in Action

Bill Wilson
Americans for Limited Government

Lisa Correnti
President and Founder

Kelly William Cobb
Executive Director
Digital Liberty Project

Timothy Lee 
Vice-President of Legal and Public Affairs
Center for Individual Freedom  

Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation

Mathew Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

Chuck Muth
Citizen Outreach

Mario Lopez
Hispanic Leadership Fund

Joseph K. Grieboski
Founder and President
Institute on Religion and Public Policy 

Deal Hudson
Catholic Advocate

Phil Kerpen

Andrea Lafferty
Executive Director
Traditional Values Coalition

Timothy B. Wildmon
American Family Association

Curt Levey
Executive Director
Committee for Justice

Rev. Rob Schenck
National Clergy Council 

Phillip L. Jauregui
Judicial Action Group

Jamie Story
Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

Dave Trabert
Kansas Policy Institute

Larry Cirignano
Faith & Freedom New Jersey

John Taylor
Tertium Quids

Hance Haney
Director and Senior Fellow
Technology & Democracy Project
Discovery Institute

Dr. Carl Herbster
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