Tech Roundup

Two quick hits following up with ongoing stories.

First off, Google and/or Andrew McLaughlin (Deputy White House CTO formerly of Google) seem to have responded to the FOIA request for McLaughlin’s email by deleting his Buzz account. It’s not the crime, it’s the cover up, as they say. Big Government is doing such great work on this story.

Next we turn from the behind-the-scenes discussions of Net Neutrality to the front lines. Reuters has a story on the FCC’s Deem and Pass plan to reclassify Internet services into a different category, if and when they lose the Comcast case and the judge tells them they have no authority to regulate the Internet.

The ISPs aren’t ready to lay down and die and according to Susan Crawford, formerly of the Obama White House, they’re ready to fight “World War III” over it. I hope they remember that elections have consequences, and spend accordingly for November.