Exposing the corporatism of the White House

Remember when Google CEO Eric Schmidt laughed at you for questioning Google’s commitment to your privacy? Remember when he asked you if you’d rather the government do what he does, as though there were an imperative that somebody gather and cross-reference everything they can about you?

It turns out that line between Google and government is pretty sketchy. Very sketchy, in fact.

Big Government amusingly enough used a privacy hole Google itself created to expose how integrated Google is with the Obama White House. At least 28 different Google lobbyists, lawyers, and other big wigs have the ear of Andrew McLaughlin, White House Deputy CTO. These men and women don’t just create products for Google either. No, Google has whole staff wings dedicated to promoting specific public policy in the US and other countries, and they have excited ears deep in the White House.

Oh yes, and the Youtube Political Director’s been chatting with the White House, too. No bias or anything, though, honest.