Do you like interviews at RedState? [We did it!] [Ready to Ship]

Second Update We did it! Thanks everyone for helping out! I’ll post a diary after I pick everything up!

Third Update: Here’s a post showing what we bought as well as tips on other tools of the trade. The package goes out tomorrow, except for the light and tripod which are being shipped separately by BestBuy.com as those parts weren’t at my local store.

Do you like the interviews we run at RedState? Moe Lane is becoming a specialist at those here, both live and over the phone. He worked hard to spend some time with our speakers at last year’s gathering in Atlanta, and also has taken time to travel to DC as events warrant. He’s also done work with phone interviews which give him a nationwide reach.

However he’s reached the limits of what his current technology can do. He’s been donated a new video camera which surely helps, but I’d like us to get together and get him the rest of what he needs. I’m proposing to buy him a new ‘netbook’ computer for interviews, set it up for him with the software he needs to do crystal-clear phone and Skype interviews, and send it to his home with a new microphone for his computer and extra lighting for his video camera.

I’m volunteering my time to do the software setup, but the hardware and the shipping cost money. So my hope is that we in the RedState community can raise the money we need to do this. The budget is as follows:

  • $325 for the computer, plus the ridiculous California sales tax.
  • $75 for a microphone for a computer, plus sales tax.
  • $50 for a light for his existing video camera, plus sales tax.
  • $50 for packing and shipping the above safely from California to Maryland.

The total is $500. If I go over budget, or if we don’t raise the whole budget, the rest is going to come out of my pocket. If I come under budget, I’ll send the remainder of what was donated to the RedState donation pool that Erick manages.

Yes, we could probably save a good $40 by having someone in another state buy the stuff, but then we’d spend that much shipping it to me to do the setup.

RedState in the past has sent our own eyes and ears to Iraq. I’m not asking for anything nearly so difficult. If you enjoy the way Moe is able to spotlight our candidates across the country, I hope you’ll help us out.

Thank you for your support.

Update: A huge thank you to all who have helped! We’re now over halfway there!