Why I still back Chuck DeVore

I won’t hide it. The primary election polls have been as lousy for Chuck DeVore as they have been for Barbara Boxer. Some are giving up, but I think it’s far too soon even to consider that. So I stand with Jeff Flake, who just endorsed DeVore, as well as Jim DeMint, Tom McClintock, Dana Rohrabacher, and the California Republican Assembly. I back Chuck DeVore to win the Primary in June, and to beat Babs Boxer in November.

My primary reason is that Chuck DeVore has the strongest record of all three Repbublican candidates for Senate. Chuck DeVore is pro-life, anti-tax, pro-marriage, and anti-spending and is the only candidate with a voting record to prove it. Chuck DeVore was the first to pledge repeal of Obamacare of the Republican candidates for Senate.

Carly Fiorina has come around second, but in an unfortunate way. First, she adopts Democrat language by saying she wants to “repeal health care,” tying right into Democrat claims that only through government can people see doctors and visit hospitals. Second, she’s repeating history with her push.

This goes to my secondary reason for supporting Chuck DeVore: He’s the electable conservative in the race. Once upon a time in this campaign, Fiorina used Scott Brown’s name and image to promote herself, giving the appearance of an endorsement, without getting Brown’s permission first. This time, she’s using the name and logo of the Club for Growth to collect names for fundraising. Repeat: There’s no indication your name goes on a Club for Growth petition of any kind, nor that the Club for Growth is involved in this petition.*

Fake, misleading use of the names, likenesses, and logos of others will get Fiorina crushed by Babs Boxer and her allies in the press come the general election, should she get the nomination. Lefty reporters will pounce, attacking her non-stop for it, demanding apologies, and calling into question the integrity of the entire Republican party for her doing it. An experienced campaigner, someone who’s worked her way up rather than starting at a statewide race, would know better than to play fast and loose with the appearance of an endorsement.

We can’t afford to nominate someone who will self-destruct in a rare opportunity to win a California Senate seat. This is our year, this is a weak incumbent Democrat, so this is the time to pick the best candidate we can get. In a rough year there is a case for bending on principle, but not in a good year. In a good year we can be choosy, so I choose Chuck DeVore.

You can give to Chuck DeVore here. Let’s take a stand against a Senator who wants taxpayer-funded Viagra to go to sex offenders.

*If Fiorina spokespeople would like to clarify this, I’d be happy to update with a response.