Why this time is different

The Eeyores of the conservative movement are all over this Obamacare vote, declaring that we’re doomed to perpetual socialism because Republicans never repeal anything. To them I say: bah. We’ve never been in this situation before, where we’ll actually win an election on the heels of passage.

Social Security: Passed in 1935. Republicans take House and Senate in 1947, 12 years later.

Medicare and Medicaid: Passed in 1965. Republicans take Senate in 1981, 16 years later.

Obamacare: Passed in 2010. Republicans take House in 2011, one year (9 months, actually) later?

There’s just no comparison. We can fight back before much of it even takes effect, not over a decade later when the benefits are entrenched. No excuses. No pessimism. Fight and win, politically.