Democrats running scared in California (DOOM!)

One point I initially missed in my previous article on the California Senate race (Cross-posted to RedState), and only later pointed out on Twitter, was that the Democrats should be scared to death about the current polling of Babs Boxer versus the Republicans. Our worst result against her right now gives us a one in four chance to win.

One in four sounds poor, but this is California. Since Pete Wilson retired from the Senate to become Governor, we’ve failed to win a Senate race. We lost two in 92 (Boxer over Herschensohn, Feinstein over Seymour), 94 (Feinstein over Huffington), 98 (Boxer over [Fong, that’ll each me for using Wikipedia one lazy evening]), 2000 (Feinstein over Campbell), 04 (Boxer over Jones), and 06 (Feinstein over Mountjoy) for a record of 0 wins and 8 losses since then. The fact that all three of our candidates are polling at least that well against Boxer, with her polling under 50 against anyone (she’d probably graze 50 against me on a good day), should have Democrats panicked that this will be Coakley v. Brown revisited.

It turns out I was right and they are scared. The national left is rushing out here to raise her some money, including the DNC and President Obama himself in April, this after Al Gore helped this month.

Barbara Boxer’s political future is in jeopardy. It’s time Republicans across the country tune in, because the Democrats already started.