"Are you a Republican?" "Right now."

Behold your NRSC-favored candidate in the California Senate race, in a 2006 interview in Salon:

[Salon:] Are you a Republican?

[Carly Fiorina]: Right now.

What does that mean?

I hesitate because in this country right now, party affiliations have become so polarized. In business you try and focus on what you can agree on and common goals and common objectives. In politics in this country all we ever do is talk about what we disagree about. I’d much rather talk about what we agree the problems are.

Could Carly Fiorina actually be the second NRSC-backed candidate this cycle to jump parties? Or, more accurately, in Fiorina’s case it would mean jumping back out of the Republican party, as the self-proclaimed lifelong Republican was an Independent when she finally managed to register in 1997.

Does the NRSC vet its candidates using surplus Obama administration checklists? Seriously.