I'll have my Demon Sheep Well Done

Demon Sheep

How do you like your Demon Sheep cooked? Or maybe you prefer him squished, mocked, or just plain sheared? Whatever your preference, today’s the day to Finish Him! with a hop on over to Chuck DeVore‘s new Demon Sheep extermination website.

The California Senate primary has heated up in recent weeks. After Tom Campbell tucked tail from the Governor’s race, he immediately drew fire from the previous frontrunner, Carly Fiorina. And while her ad drew… attention, it is true that Tom Campbell is not the libertarian Republican he appears to be. Many support him because they believe he is a compromise: strong on fiscal issues, and “moderate” on social issues. The sad part is though: he’s neither.

The Demon Sheep ad focused on Campbell’s ties to the girly man Governor Schwarzenegger, but Tom Campbell has a lengthy voting record in Washington we can look back to. That record is not promising. Time and again Tom Campbell had opportunities to take stands for small government, but time and again he refused. Campbell repeatedly voted against a Constitutional Amendment to require a supermajority to raise taxes. Campbell repeatedly voted against conservative budget alternatives to reduce spending and shrink the government toward Constitutional levels. There’s also the matter of his proposal last year to raise gas taxes in California. Carbon tax anyone? Campbell was, and is, a moderate on fiscal matters.

The fact also remains that Campbell is anything but a moderate on social matters. I didn’t originate the statement, but it’s conceivable that Barbara Boxer could run to Campbell’s right on social matters, as Campbell is an extremist on marriage, having come out as such in Reason Magazine even as the state came together for Proposition 8. All Boxer has to do is run as a moderate Democrat, respecting federalism and the wishes of California’s voters while backing tinkering with marriage in other states, and she will be to Campbell’s social right. Both Campbell and Boxer are pro-abortion extremists, after all. Campbell, while in the House in 1999, offered an amendment to allow US government funds to aid the UN Population Fund, with the only restriction being that the money not go to China, leaving the rest of the UN’s “reproductive health” arm unfettered to spend our money.

Nuke a demon sheep. Help nominate a conservative for the Senate to join Jim DeMint’s army. Help out Chuck DeVore.