Meet Julius Genachowski

Julius Genachowski is Barack Obama’s head of the Federal Communications Commission. He thinks you’re an idiot. After famously calling for broadly expanded FCC powers to mandate “transparency” and “neutrality” on the Internet, and having that plan rejected by a growing, bipartisan coalition, he now denies he wants to regulate the Internet.

Meanwhile he also claims the FCC is trying to “win the case” against Comcast, who has sued to get a federal court to overturn the FCC’s claimed authority to regulate Internet activity. But we’re supposed to believe he doesn’t want to regulate the Internet. Right. The Wall Street Journal says that the FCC “took a beating” during an appeals court hearing on the case. A decision against the FCC could be crippling of Genachowski’s plans, but unfortunately on that front there’s nothing we activists can do but watch, and wait.

Though we can also join in the second comment period that the FCC has opened up on Net Neutrality. Your guess is as good as mine as to where on the FCC’s website we can do that, though. They’re not exactly transparent.