Free Press Incompetence

I ‘d just like to pass along a story I’ve been told about Free Press, one of the neo-Marxist groups spearheading the Net Neutrality drive. These guys so often will condescend to you and assume you know nothing of technology or the issues if you dare to disagree with them.

And yet…

So Free Press is supposed to be this expert on Telecoms and what not, but I just tried to sit on a press conference call with them and it was a cluster[****]. First, they sent out a number and password that didn’t work, so their phone lines were busy with reporters calling in to say they couldn’t get in on a call. Then, once the call started, they apparently didn’t know how to put all the reporters on mute. The end result was that some AP reporter absentmindly put the call on hold and then started watching some AP report on her computer or television. So halfway through the call all of a sudden the entire thing is drowned out by this news caster’s voice, and the Free Press people start panicking and screaming at the people to turn the newscast off. By the time they got everything situated, 15 reporters had left the call and they weren’t even able to finish the QandA session.

It makes me laugh just imagining this, as even a non-reporter like me has been on calls run with varying levels of expertise. I wish it had been recorded.