Chuck DeVore Money Bomb Today

Chuck DeVore has a money bomb going today to aid his effort to humble and unseat Babs Boxer. I hope the right can flex some muscle and support him.

This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you he’s another Marco Rubio, Doug Hoffman, or Scott Brown. I won’t. Every candidate has his own strengths and weaknesses, although DeVore has been outspoken in support of each of those three candidates. I will say that DeVore is the only candidate running for statewide office in California with a proven pro-life, pro-marriage, anti-spending, anti-tax voting record. DeVore has had more fundraising success than Republicans in years past did, and it’s only February 1.

Chuck DeVore has also gained the endorsement of Tom McClintock, he says. McClintock also has a proven record in fighting the Democrats in their outrageous free spending ways, and is notable in Washington for his bill to allow early TARP repayment to free businesses from Barney Frank’s and Barack Obama’s grabbing, regulating hands.

Feel free to donate under my tag or sign up to join the money bomb yourself and run up your own score.

Do we actually want to run a candidate like Tom Campbell, who favors massive gas tax hikes and goes to national magazines to write against marriage? Or Carly Fiorina who believes the American tradition equality of opportunity is insufficient, and we need rigged outcomes to get equality? I don’t think so.