Carly Fiorina Doubles Down

Jesse Jackson is a hateful, left-wing activist. Does any one deny this? His Rainbow/PUSH Coalition clearly promotes a number of lefty causes if you visit the home page:

  • “Stimulus II Needed to Stimulate the Grass Roots”
  • “Reduce the Rate: 1% Student Loans”
  • “Rainbow PUSH Coalition Applauds Announcement of New DOJ Unit to Focus on Unfair Lending Practices

It doesn’t get better exploring the site, either. Read the commentaries and find gems like these:

  • “Much of America has come a long way on race, as the election of Barack Obama demonstrated. The Republican right-wing not so much.”
  • “The rabid-right – led by Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh – accused the president of hating white people.”

There is no doubt where Jesse Jackson is politically. And yet here is Carly Fiorina’s fast talk at Hogue News to cover for her comments about Jackson that RedState blew the lid off of on Friday:

Well first of all, I strongly disagree with Jesse Jackson and his politics and agenda – and he knows that. But it is also true that Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition has a huge conference in Silicon valley each year and that conference is focused on one thing – and one thing only – and that is to provide opportunities for people – no matter who they are, or the color of their skin, or what their gender – to help them achieve their potential. In this particular case, to achieve their potential in the technology world.

It is a good thing. It is a good thing, when politics is representative of the people that politicians are supposed to represent. It is a good thing when business and politics are more diverse. Not through quotas – not at all. But through opportunities that are provided, and people of merit being able to step up. I’m frankly shocked that anybody would call themselves a conservative and attack the encouragement of opportunity for diverse people.

When push comes to shove, Fiorina borrows from Jackson to attack conservatives, while not seeing any problem with using Hewlett Packard to give his hate group legitimacy and funding. Money is fungible after all. Plus, if we question her involvement with a deeply racist individual who hates conservatives and Republicans, we get accused of “attack[ing] the encouragement of opportunity.” I guess she agrees with the “Reverend” that “the Republican right-wing” has not “come a long way on race,” and is different from mainstream America in our opposition to racism?

Then moving to the radical feminist comments of hers, she doesn’t back down from her America bashing. Before she claimed that America was not a “truly representative Democracy,” hearkening back to the revolution and the colonial claims that the English Parliament was not representative, either. Now she says:

No, we should never be campaigning on identity politics. It s also true, however, that women and people of color, just like white men, bring something to the table. We live in a diverse nation. When you have half of the population as women, and yet about 15-percent of the senior officers in America business today as women, then clearly have not yet achieved a meritocracy. America is all about meritocracy. That is that someone, regardless of their gender, regardless color of their skin, or regardless of where they have come from – that if somebody works hard and has merit that they have the same opportunity, the same potential as everyone else. That is the American dream. And we have not yet achieved it, then we have work to do.

Get that? According to Fiorina, “we have not achieved” a state where “if somebody works hard and has merit that they have the same opportunity, the same potential as everyone else.” That’s effectively what she said last time, when she declared her metric of equality to be equality of outcome.

Fundamentally, Carly Fiorina believes for women what Jesse Jackson preaches for other groups. Much as Jackson believes Republicans and Americans “have [not] come a long way on race,” Fiorina would seem to agree with the claim that Americans “have not come a long way on sex.” She in fact doesn’t disagree with that core agenda, despite claiming she does.

When Jackson preaches the gospel of equality of outcome, which is of course part of the leftist “levelling” warned of by Russell Kirk in The Conservative Mind, Fiorina could be heard from the HP headquarters or the campaign trail shouting a hearty “Amen!” That is why she’s happy to work with him on “diversity,” because both harbor a hate and resentment of an America that does not reward equal outcomes to people on the basis of skin color or gender. Until there is equality of outcome, they will deny that America has equality.

They’re smart and talk of opportunity, because that’s what Americans actually believe in. But until they stop measuring America in terms of outcomes (as Fiorina does when she speaks of employment statistics and the numbers of women in elective office), it’s clear they don’t mean it. And that, friends, is just another reason why Carly Fiorina is inferior to either of her Republican opponents this year.