Comment today to help kill Net Neutrality

The proposed Net Neutrality plan before the FCC is in trouble. Until now I’ve called it the Obama-Google Net Neutrality plan, but that’s not entirely the case anymore: the administration is wimping out and cutting its losses on this diastrous idea. According to BigGovernment.com, the only people left fighting for Net Neutrality are far left special interest groups. At least, the ones that don’t represent poor folk who have a hard time getting good Internet access.

When Chairman Julius Genachowski first started talking up the idea, the situation looked terrible. Much as the Congressional Democrats can pass any bill at any time, the FCC should have been able to do whatever the White House wanted. But, much as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have done with Obamacare, Genachwoski went too far and asked for far more power than mainstream America – left and right – was ready to give.

The result is that we can kill Net Neutrality. Please consider sending a message to the FCC today as this is the deadline for public comments.