The Save The Internet coalition crumbles

As I’ve discussed in this space before, the opponents of a government-controlled Internet need to get out of Net Neturality coalitions like Save the Internet. It appears that this is beginning to happen, as Glenn Reynolds is coming out against the Google-Obama Net Neutrality. Says Reason.com:

Instapundit’s main message: “The Internet has done very well as a largely unregulated space, and in light of that success, those advocating a shift to regulation should have a heavy burden of proof.”

The comments below that article are a fun read. Libertarians vs Progressives fighting it out. They’re as nasty to each other as they are to us (before they get banned at RedState), only now we can grab the popcorn and enjoy it.

Just more evidence that the mainstream, consensus position is against Net Neutrality. People don’t want an Internet that works with the efficiency of the DMV, the fairness of the White House communications office, and the freedom provided by the IRS.