Chuck DeVore channels Doctor Evil

Chuck DeVore has hit a major milestone in his campaign fundraising. In the year since he announced his bid for Senate, he has raised (dramatic music) one million dollars. Do we think he’s a viable candidate yet?

Meanwhile Carly Fiorina, who’s only recently announced her candidacy, announced early that she would not fund her campaign out of her own deep pockets. However she’s already gone back on that and is loaning her campaign some money. She has to do this because her NRSC-backed announcement, rushed out the door as a reaction to the Jim DeMint endorsement of DeVore, has clearly gone far below her budgetary expectations. Do we finally see that she’s not the candidate we’ve been promised?

California statewide races are tough for Republicans. We need somebody who can fight hard, raise money, and keep the Democrats honest. Carly Fiorina can’t do it. Chuck DeVore is already proving that he can. Chuck DeVore is not just the better candidate on the issues. He’s also the better candidate on practical and technical grounds.

Experience counts, and experience running a corporation’s share price into the ground isn’t what we need for the Republican party in a state where we already have problems. Experience winning elections is what we need, and Chuck DeVore is the candidate in this race who has the best chance to win this one. And I have one million reasons to back that up.