Lies and Campaign Statements

You may remember when Carly Fiorina insinuated that anyone who opposes extensive government regulation of the Internet, is covering for child rapists. I was confident that DeVore would get back to me with a record contradicting that slimy attack, but also offered the Fiorina people an opportunity to get an airing of their candidate’s record on pro-life issues.

I received nothing from Fiorina. However DeVore’s campaign sent me DeVore’s 2006 fight for “Jessica’s Law”, a large expansion of legal protections of society against the sexual predators and killers of children. DeVore stood up against Democrats looking to be lenient, or to use a phrase Democrats use against us all the time, “putting dollars ahead of childrens’ lives.”

DeVore also fought to expand California’s predation laws, making it a crime for an adult to lure a 13 or 14 year old youth away from home, and expanding forfeiture of the tools (presumably computers and other telecommunications devices) used by criminals to accomplish that. This provides protection when a minor is lured away but not (yet) attacked.