Random Meanderings Open Thread

If President Obama drops another point in the Gallup poll tomorrow, then the only Presidents to have fallen faster and worse than he will have been a one-termer and a guy who got impeached. Not only that, but no President ever had a worse Dow Jones Industrial Average drop on Inauguration day than he had, and that was before Death Panels, Health Rationing, [email protected], rendition, Government Motors, Card Check, Cap and Tax, and the numerous foreign policy gaffes this embattled administration has inflicted upon itself. Add it all up and you get the undeniable fact that Barack Obama is on track to be a Miserable Failure™.

Do you like getting your diaries promoted to the Front Page? If so, consider not writing your post in Microsoft Word. Posts in that have to be cleaned up before being promoted, and given that most of us don’t get paid to do this stuff, diaries that need less time and energy to promote will get the promotion more often.

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