Gawker Media: Only terrorist furriners have rights

You may recall that during the Bush administration and the Presidential campaign, Gizmodo was constantly harping on wiretaps of terrorists. Specifically, Gizmodo claimed that the Bush-era program constituted “domestic spying,” that telecommunications firms spied as well, and that they ‘won’ out over the American people on the matter.

They were practically in hysterics, hiding under sheets and crying into a camera “Leave the phones alone, Bushitler” over the matter.

So imagine my surprise when I find out today that when Nokia is being protested for taking part in a genuine domestic spying program of the Iranian Islamofascist regime, they don’t care. It’s not even worth a post. It’s so unimportant they go out of their way to say they didn’t post on it.

So, to recap: American firms aiding the US government in spying on calls between foreign-based terrorists and their US-based cells: a crime for which they must not get immunity. Foreign firm aiding the Iranian government in oppressing the opposition: “Nokia’s role here seems to be the same as a car company’s role in a drunk-driving incident.”

Clearly the signal here is that the Iranians just don’t really need rights, unless they’re terrorists plotting attacks against Americans. After all, they’re only foreign Muslims. They don’t even have a European complexion. Gawker must think they’re barely even people, which is why they opposed liberating brown-skinned Muslims from Saddam Hussein, and they oppose brown-skinned Muslims from liberating themselves from the Islamic Revolution.