The Buying a Camera Open Thread

With all the talk lately that we should be ready to take pictures of Democrat wrongdoings, I’m wondering if I should get a camera myself. My Blackberry can take pictures, but the pictures it takes would be too blurry to be of much use in a political scrap.

So, I put it to the crowd: What are the options? Is it possible to get sharp pictures below the DSLR level? If so, what do I look for, since I do know enough to know that the resolution of the sensor is only one part of the story quality, so just comparing ‘megapixel’ ratings on displays isn’t nearly enough. What do I avoid? What are the tradeoffs? is video capturing worthwhile to have as a priority, or is the quality too bad to bother? Am I better off just buying an HD video camera that can take pictures?

If I were to buy a low-range DSLR, what do I look for? What do I avoid? Again, is video worth considering?

And of course, I may not be the only one of us thinking along these lines.

Open Thread.