The Command Center

It came to my attention in Atlanta that some people might be curious about what it looks like to work on RedState. There’s no magical server room, or at least, none that’s anywhere near me. That’s with some third party company in Texas, while Eagle’s people are in DC and I’m in California.

But that does leave the matter of my workstation. I don’t know if penguin2 is the only one who’s curious or not, but here it is. Click for full size picture, and there’s a legend below the fold.

  1. Sennheiser EH 150 headphones. Padded and useful for watching television/listening to music from computer/playing games for extended periods over the sound of the air conditioner to my left.
  2. Wii Sports Resort for the Wii and Makai Kingdom for the Playstation 2. The former’s in my Wii and the latter’s in my Playstation 3
  3. Wii Remote with Classic Controller and Motion Plus
  4. Universal remote (controling 4 devices), plus AC remote
  5. External hard drive (from my old G5, now used for Time Machine) with card readers
  6. Samsung 192N 19″, 1280×1024 LCD display. Unused since replacing my G5 with the iMac)
  7. 20″ iMac. Dual core, 4GB RAM.
  8. Kinesis Freestyle keyboard. Mac model
  9. Playstation 3 controller.
  10. Etymotic Research ER 4P headphones in case.
  11. Casio DB-35H watch
  12. Notes for a poker experiment I made, and have since discarded
  13. Kensington Orbit Optical trackball
  14. Wacom Graphire 2 4×5 tablet
  15. GameScience dice. 5d6 red. 3d6 blue.
  16. Samsung 912N 19″, 1280×1024 LCD display. No, the 912 and 192 aren’t typos.
  17. Americans for Prosperity notebook
  18. Receipt for Lucky Star Volume 6 from Amazon
  19. IRS paperwork nonsense
  20. Logitech headset. El Cheapo I bought when my last El Cheapo fell apart after an hour long conference.
  21. Safeword for Checkpoint widget. Used to get into VRWC computer network.
  22. Kinesis keypad. Mac model.

Sorry if this punctures any bubbles. It’s not entirely enough like a Bond villain’s lab. I do plan to buy a new desk (well, an actual desk and not a table) next month or so, though. Not sure how much that’ll help though. I’ll have to rely on the blamstick to get by now that the aura’s gone.