It's On

Sean Parnell has been sworn in as the new Governor of Alaska. Good luck, Governor Parnell.

I think more eyes are on former Governor Sarah Palin though. In her farewell address she said what so many have been thinking: that she sees private life as an opportunity to do more for her causes than she could as Governor.

I wish her and her family luck as they move on to the next stage of her career, away from running for office and toward a different kind of activism. She can write columns, make speeches, raise money, travel the country, and get cheers instead of ethics complaints. She can be herself without being second guessed, and most importantly without having her children under constant attack. She can be a perpetual ‘rock star’ without any of the disadvantages that come with appearing on a ballot ever again.

I hope she’s a great help to Republican candidates in 2010 and beyond, with peace and comfort to her family as she does so.