Traffic Trends

Moe’s already discussed this, but I think it bears more scrutiny.

My four year registration anniversary is coming up next month, so I remember when RedState was a tiny site. It felt like there were only a handful of us commenters, and we all knew each other. Of course this was long before I was an editor.

There were so few of us that the war against Daily Kos trolls felt like a war of survival. There was a reason for that: If the communities from similar sites on the left piled on over here, they’d overwhelm us. Their traffic was so far out of our league that the sites barely seemed comparable.

Not so today.

Take MyDD. According to compete.com, a year ago they were ‘down to’ getting 25% more visitors than we had. Now? We’ve increased our traffic 150%, while they’ve lost almost 50%, leaving us with nearly 150% the traffic they get.

But they split, you say? Fair enough, Let’s add in Talk Left. A year ago they, too, were getting 25% more traffic than we were, so combined the sites were getting 250% the traffic we were. Now? We’re getting the same number of visitors that both sites combined were getting a year ago, 50% above their current total. RedState now has the combined weight of Talk Left and MyDD before the election, while they’re both losing readers by the month.

They’re not the only sites cratering while we’re growing, either. Look at “Screw ’em” Kos’s site. Year-to-Year they’re down 12%. We’re still up 150%. What was once a 9:1 advantage is now a 3:1 advantage.

We’re no longer at risk of being squashed when they roll over. If President Obama keeps embarrassing himself and his nation whilst betraying the Netroots, we just might hit parity. They know it, too. That’s why threw a royal flaming tantrum at Moe’s post, and I’m daring them to do the same now.

You are crumbling, Netroots. We are rising. Stay the course, RedStaters. 2010 beckons.