Administration: Obama's Iran diplomacy plan is going to fail

During his Presidential campaign, Barack Obama famously promised direct diplomacy with Iran, going as far as to say he will meet Iranian leaders without preconditions of any kind. Even as Iranian-funded and -armed forces in Iraq were bombing civilians and shooting at American troops, he promised to meet with their leaders. We’re not at war with Eurasia, and absolutely should not start one.

As he told NPR:

Oh, we have to deal with the role of Iran. The question is whether we deal with Iran through saber-rattling, or whether we deal with Iran by direct diplomatic engagement. The key for us is to engage in the sort of direct talks that we engaged in, by the way, when Iran cooperated with us in dealing with the Taliban in Afghanistan. It’s that sort of direct engagement that this president has been unwilling to do, but under an Obama administration would be, I think a top priority.

It’s all just words, of course, because the statements made by Secretary Clinton make it clear that Obama sees no chance of success for this plan against Iran’s nuclear program.

See for yourself. That is the only logical conclusion to come from statements made by Clinton today, on the US plan to build missile defense projects in eastern Europe:

“If we are able to see a change in behavior on the part of the Iranians with respect to what we believe to be their pursuit of nuclear weapons … then … we will reconsider where we stand,” Clinton said at a news conference with visiting Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg.

“But we are a long, long way from seeing such evidence of any behavior change,” Clinton said, stressing the deterrent effect from a missile shield.

Talk isn’t going to work, so we need to keep on “saber rattling,” just like President Bush.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Hope and Change! Now give money to Organizing for America before Eurasia wins the war, because we’ve been at war with Eurasia for a long time, and always will be.