Obama supporters: Complicit in Warrantless Wiretapping

The doofuses over at the Gawker empire are throwing temper tantrums over Obama and his support for “warrantless wiretapping.”

Rights for foreign Islamofascists on foreign soil who like to behead Jews, oppress women, and brutally butcher Americans have long been a cause of the far left. For whatever reason, these people have been angry that President Bush oversaw the wiretapping of communications between foreign terrorists and their agents in America. “Orwell!” they shrieked in their post tags. This literally, truly was the boot stomping on our faces, forever. If you’re a terrorist, but who isn’t? I mean even President Obama pals with terrorists. Doesn’t everyone make calls to Al Qaeda every week or so?

So, one asks why they were wetting themselves for The One before they backed him in the election. Gizmodo, like many, claim to have noticed that then-Senator Obama backed President Bush on FISA and, importantly, immunity for firms who participated in… “warrantless wiretapping” programs.

The One could have taken a stand. He could have done the Mr. Smith goes to Washington filibuster of the bill, getting up to talk and not stopping until he was forced to by his colleagues. He could have gone in front of the cameras every day railing against the bill.

Instead, he voted for it.

That left the opponents of the wiretaps with a choice to make. They could have turned on him. They could have stood up for the Fourth Amendment, which they claimed was being violated. They could have stood up against the coming 1984, which they claimed was our future with such wiretapping going on. They could have gotten up and shouted Barack Obama down at every whistle stop he made.

Instead, they voted for him.

Congratuations, guys: You can whine all you want, and you can make all the claims of principle that you want, but by working to elect President Obama, you are complicit in this program now. You had every opportunity to oppose him after he sided with President Bush on FISA, but you did not. You knew what you were getting into, and you did it anyway.

I guess we’re all “Neocons” now.