Site status report

We knew that with any major switch of the software like this, that there would be issues. Especially when we kept it secret and didn’t let you all test first!

I know there have been many people asking questions and making suggestions.  Be aware that I’ve seen them all, and have been paying attention, even if I haven’t had a chance to reply to each one personally.

To answer many questions at once though, here is a summary of the development status:

So here are the highlights of what got done today: Signatures are back, and are editable in your profile edit page.  The comment moderation issue should be fixed.  The off time zones should be fixed for future posts and comments. The problem with two different posts for each post should be gone. Tracker is back.

Here’s a sampling of what’s still to be done: The recommended diaries system will be given a good once-over later.  Everyone needs to be able to edit diaries again.  Your Profile display page should again show your recent comments and the number of replies to them.  Lots of little style issues are pending.

Feel free to use this as a thread for all site issues, complaints, and especially cheers.