A few points on tonight

Point one: There’s no need to start pointing fingers within the party. This election was on style, not substance. No faction’s to blame, and no policy is at fault. We know this because Obama won. He ran on no ideas at all.

We all went into this together with the wrong idea. We just need to learn how to win again, rather than try to pin the loss on somebody. No, I don’t even blame John McCain and the mavericks like him.

Point two: This isn’t the end of America. Our values are more resilient than Obama is strong. Our civil institutions are stronger than Obama is socialist. Our nation is greater than any one man, including the President. We will endure anything that happens under his Presidency.

Point three: This is no time for ‘purging’ anyone. This it time for regrouping and winning again.

Point four: 1980 didn’t come just because President Carter was that bad. It came because Republicans and conservatives worked hard, prepared for 1980, got a good candidate, and worked within the party for victory.

Point five: 2010 comes before 2012. Let’s focus on getting 435 excellent candidates for the House, 33 excellent candidates for the Senate, and excellent candidates for Governor and state legislator.

Point six: If you’re pushing a candidate for 2012 right now, you’re not to be taken seriously.