Is it time to give up?

The entire election has changed tones since recent events in the financialworld have gotten the public’s attention. At least, in my view it has. Untilthe last week, I have believed that regardless of the Congressional outlookthis year, the Presidential race would be close, with a slight advantage tous, the same as the last two Presidential elections.

Not anymore, though. I think we have given up that advantage, and it hasshown in the steady bleed McCain has lost in the polls. We’re behind, andevents must go our way for us to win. Some of those events we are capable ofmaking happen, and others must be events we react to well, but we can’t justhope the clock runs out.

Of course, not everyone had the same outlook I did, Others thought thathistory itself was running against us this year, that even before the nomineeswere chosen we had no chance to win. Naturally, to people with that outlook,recent events have led to an even greater degree of pessimism.

I feel stifled and frustrated by such pessmism I see on the right though.This, now, is my response, not to any one person, but to a general sense thatbothers me.

Yes, we’re losing, but we haven’t lost. Yes, this election is important,as important as any Presidential election is since the expansion of thecentral government, and the politicization of the Supreme Court. No, we arenot better off just “taking our medicine,” letting Barack Obama take the blamefor soon to be coming events, and hoping we get “another 1980” or “another1994” after two or four years of Obama.

Do I want to win this year? Yes. Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes do Iwant to win this year.

The Democrats never think this way, and they never pay inthe long run for it. They never take their medicine, they never lose to win,they never rebuild. They just cry a little, then get back to winning.

They never give us a day’s rest. Let’s not give up or even let up for asecond, so that we don’t give them a day’s rest.

As long as the votes have not yet been all cast, I will not stop doingeverything I am in a position to do, to ensure the election of John McCain asPresident of the United States, and the elections of other Republicans runningfor office this year.

I leave you with the words of John McCain which fit now more than when hespoke them: “Stand up, stand up, stand up and fight! Nothing is inevitablehere. We’re Americans, and we never give up. We never quit. We never hide fromhistory. We make history.”