So I saw a bumper sticker today...

I may live in California, but I live in a sane part of California. We vote Republican, we have a good mix of suburban and rural lifestyles, and we don’t have crazy rallies for illegals or activist homosexuals. We also don’t generally see those bumper stickers that leftists are known for putting on their cars. In the last few years I’ve seen more signs for Ron Paul for President than any Democrat (few in both cases).

So imagine my surprise when I saw a car parked this morning with a bumpersticker that reads “BU__SH__”. That caught my attention, and led me to read the sticker beside it, which read, paraphrasing as I don’t remember precisely, “When will the answer be less government?”

Curiouser and curioser. At that point I completely stopped walking, and took a few steps back to read what else was on the car. Since when do BDS sufferers want small government? Since they’re the kind who have the third sticker I saw: Oppose the NAU! It looked like something out of the John Birch Society’s press. At this point, ‘Ronulan’ was the first word that came to mind, because nothing says ‘nut’ like organized resistance to imaginary conspiracies.

Can you imagine how far ahead in the polling Barack Obama would be if Ron Paul were our nominee? Because here we are dealing with what we’re dealing with, and Ron Paul would be talking about the NAU and what this guy’s fourth and final bumper said: “Abolish the Federal Reserve.” Because nothing upholds the Constitutional duty to print money than destroying the system upon which that money is based!

Well, it beats Save the Whales. The guy really should get himself the tin foil roof option for his next car, though.