So, I was reading Stormfront last night...

It’d been a while since I popped in on the Internet’s leading Nazi community, and read what they were all hyped up about. I used to check in every couple of weeks to see how the Ron Paul push was going. They do still have a bunch of Ronulans, but some have moved on to the Constitution Party candidate.

In any case, I visited last night to see what their reaction was to the alleged assassination attempt on Barack Obama. No surprise: They think the whole thing is a Jewish conspiracy, and the would-be assassins were set up or paid off. Of course, they think when it rains, it’s a “ZOG” weather control device attempting to make “White people” unable to see the truth.

But I kept reading, and stumbled onto a huge thread: their main discussion of the war in Georgia. It’s funny: they can’t decide which Jewish conspiracy is at work here. Some say that the former Communist KGB Vladimir Putin is a puppet of Israel, because Communism is Jewish say they, and the war is designed to pit “White” Russians against “White” Georgians in order to weaken “White people” everywhere.

Some say that it’s the other way around: That Vladimir Putin is a “good White leader” (think Führer when they say leader), and that it’s the Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili who is the Zionist stooge, trying to pit “White” against “White.” Yet others have declared Georgians to be ‘mud people’ and are spouting otherwise the Russian party line: the Georgians are the aggressors, South Ossetia belongs to Russia, and “Georgia should be wiped out.”

Then all these factions started to fight. Some claimed Georgians have Greek ancestry, some claimed they’re closer to Iranian than European. That then started two whole separate fights: one over whether Iranians are “Aryan”, and another over the apparently new site policy that Armenians aren’t “White.”

Poor, poor “White nationalists.” If only the Joooooooos hadn’t made Ron Paul say pro-Communist things, maybe he’d have won the nomination, unified “his people,” and led America into its Third Empire Republic (counting the Articles of Confederation as #1, and the Constitution as #2).