Bono Mack brags about vote to override Bush

It appears that Rep. Mary Bono Mack has decided she’s done playing the bait-and-switch on California district 45, and is now openly flaunting her leftward drift over the years. Via Red County, Mary Bono Mack is bragging about voting to override President Bush’s veto of runaway socialist spending by the Pelosi-Reid Congress.

It’s no longer enough for her to be a member of the Republican Main Street Partnership, and to have gradually slid away from being the continuation of Sonny Bono’s own representation. Now she’s on the record as being with Pelosi and against Bush, with the Democrats against the Republicans, and so I’m done with her.

The ratings of the American Conservative Union have their limits, but in this case, they show a definite trend in the voting pattern of Mary Bono Mack versus her late former husband Sonny Bono, and his predecessor Al McCandless:

CD45 ACU ratings

In this chart I have divided Bono Mack’s time in office at the year redistricting took effect, lest anyone make the excuse that the new CD45 caused her to be different because of changes versus the old CD44, but it’s easy to see what really happened here. Then-Mary Bono started off voting just like Sonny did, but once she became an entrenched incumbent, she decided to veer off from what our district counted on, and now votes her own, different way.

Accordingly, I call upon conservatives in Riverside County, California to try to find someone new to replace Rep. Bono Mack. It’s too late to challenge her this year, of course, but conservatives now have a couple of years to prepare for 2010.

That must be the year California 45 is reclaimed for mainstream Republican values.