Governor Schwarzenegger favors Democrats in judicial appointments

Governor Schwarzenegger has announced a new slate of judicial appointees, and he is now completely favoring left-wing Democrats. In the past he was managing to appoint slightly more Republicans than Democrats, as Jon Fleischman points out, but now he has gone completely over the line and favors Democrats over Republicans.

The numbers: in May he appointed 9 Republicans, 8 Democrats, but now he’s appointed 16 Democrats, 12 Republicans, and 2 independents. And given that this is California, being a Democrat is a sign of much more than it may mean in some states. Our Democratic party is far-left, and yet our “Republican” governor is packing the courts with Democrats.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the cost of the “win first, principles second” mentality that drove the support for the Girly Man, and other pro-abort, left-wing ‘moderates’ to begin with. We’ve been told repeatedly by a faction of the party that if only we’d just chuck out inconvenient platform planks on abortion, marriage, and the like, we could win and at least achieve some positive Republican governance. But now Schwarzenegger is living, party-betraying proof that running as Democrat-lite only gets you Democrat-lite governance.

The only way to achieve anything is to stick to your guns, and fight to the last. That is what conservatives in California must do. Without us holding our ground, all will be lost in this state. California needs a sensible Republican party doing what it can in the minority more than it needs a go-along, get-along Republican party with an occasional majority.