Mr. President, I Salute You

Yep, that’s right Mr. President – today I’m writing to salute you.  It’s not because I think that the unelected Supreme Court is going to back Obamacare or anything (I don’t).  It’s not because your vision of a world where America leads from behind has strengthened our standing in the international arena (it hasn’t).  It’s because every day I wake up, open my computer and see that you have once again masterfully demonstrated, through an uncommon blend of naiveté and arrogance, why America’s government is failing its people.

Yesterday, a group of experts from the Treasury Department, looking like they’d lost a bet, appeared before the House Energy and Commerce Committee to discuss the Administration’s so-called Green Jobs program.  As it turns out, just like most everything this Administration has done, it’s been heavy on the green and rather light on the jobs.  According to the witnesses from Treasury, $10 billion has been spent on this green stimulus over the last two years.  The results have been staggering, and not in a good way.  Depending on who you talk to the program has created between just under 1000 or just over 8,000 new jobs at a cost in the best case of more than $1.2 million per job.  It’s ok though.  According to the Obama Treasury department “. . . job creation is not one of the statutory requirements for eligibility and thus it is not a factor in the consideration process,” for the stimulus grants associated with this program. So at least there was some truth in advertising.

I almost want to believe that they’re funneling money to some top secret defense program to communicate with aliens or something. The money might have actually been better spent doing that.  Right now, the public has no sense of where billions have gone and whether there will ever be a return on the taxpayers’ investment either in terms of jobs or other facets of economic growth.

Republican Congressman Cory Gardner (a rising star among conservatives) took the Obama officials apart using simple questions and simple math.   The spin and bureaucratic language couldn’t hide the plain truth – This program has been a failure and another example of why government giveaways don’t work.

So thank you, Mr. President.  Every day you make my job of motivating more outraged taxpayers a little easier.  Your time to “remake America,” as you put it, is almost up.  Your social and political experimentation on the backs of the American people has proven that government lacks the institutional competency to do most of what it does today.  You’ve given a new life and resurgence for wholesale fiscal reform and a return to our founding principles.  In a way, Mr. President, your failing, radical agenda may just end up saving this country by awakening enough of the American taxpayers to become involved.  The question is, will it be completely destroyed before we can rebuild.