Liberty XPO

Almost two weeks ago, there was a great turnout of patriots on the National Mall. People left encouraged and energized for the fall, but many still don’t know the new and better resources are available to them, and what the proven methods are for getting their message out.

Later this week in the nation’s Capital, individuals and true grassroots organizations from across the United States are going to be gathering at the Unite in Action Liberty XPO and Symposium. This event is a chance for people to take the next step in that commitment to freedom and liberty. It is all about getting the right tools in your hands- tools that will help us have the biggest impact possible in our cities, states and country, not only in November, but in the months and years ahead as we turn this country around.

Not only is American Majority providing two entire days of training (on topics like voter registration drives, new media, precinct work and much more), but there are other very practical workshops led by true grassroots organizers- information for church leaders regarding their involvement and non-profit status, discussions about education, media and economics, and tips for investigative reporting, along with a banquet, movie premier and other entertainment.

The progressive movement has consistently been great at organizing and using the newest and best tools and technologies to elect leaders who have expanded government and government spending. It is way past time that the freedom-loving movement use these tools to defend our freedoms and elect leaders who will keep our government within its Constitutional boundaries. We have the right ideas, the inspiration and motivation, and with the right tools, we will win this fall and in the years to come. If you’re coming to DC for the 9/11 and 9/12 events, I hope you’ll join us at the Liberty XPO.