Why will (some) moderate Democrats of faith vote for McCain?

I’m not blessed with the rhetorical or composition abilities of many on this site, so I have to keep my arguments to my moderate Democrat friends brief. I make three points to them, and let them decide on which side of the argument they fall. These points matter not one whit to liberals or socialists. Rather, these have been made with some success to persuade moderate democrats, who attend church at least once a month or so.

*Compassion *There is a way to talk about compassion, and there is a way to act on it.“Whatsoever you do, to the least of My people; that, you do unto Me.” – Jesus. Twice in the IL Legislature (according to John K. Wilson’s book – I have not looked up the votes, myself), Obama voted against banning doctors from cracking open a living, unborn baby’s skull and removing pieces, including the brain, in order to remove the baby from the womb (John Wilson). Is this the type of compassion to the most innocent and helpless that you have? If you equate war to secure American security to murdering unborn children, then we disagree on that and disagree what innocent truly means.

Obama wants to redistribute wealth. He wants to raise taxes on families over $150, or $200, or $250. I know many people in the lower two categories, and none of them consider themselves wealthy. They struggle to raise kids, pay mortgages, repair roofs, fix cars, save for retirement, give to their church and charity, etc. This will be made more difficult. Is that what you want?

JudgmentObama has counseled and taken counsel from known and unrepentant terrorists (Khalidi, Ayers, etc.) and enemies of the United States of America. Are these the type of people that you want having an opportunity to shape American policy?

If you answer yes to all three of these, then we will disagree. If you answer no, then I ask you to consider who shares your views.

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