THE ISSUE: Barack Obama’s connection to ACORN and its role in the financial meltdown. I have read a lot of very good PostOpinion articles over the years, but Stanley Kurtz’s “O’s Dangerous Pals” (PostOpinion, Sept. 29) is among the best and most informative. It should be required reading so that the public can understand exactly how we got into this worldwide financial disaster and how Barack Obama had an important role in it. This current financial crisis did not just happen overnight. As Kurtz correctly points out, it was “the result of systematic disregard for normal credit standards.” Fortunately, in Manhattan, where homeowners not only need to be approved by the lender but also they need to be approved by the co-op boards, the city has been spared from rampant foreclosures. Gus P. Haritos* Obama, in effect, was an ACORN leader, helping pressure now-bankrupt bankers into giving calamitous loans. Ignoring education and other successful practices, these “organizers” are, instead, enablers. Promoting unworkable credit, they destroy both borrower and lender. Now they impede the system’s repair for their cut. But the liberal media see ACORN as kryptonite and downplay any scandal from Obama’s ticket while attacking John McCain’s ticket at every turn. America requires more of The Post’s balanced reporting. David Bergstein It’s not Halloween, yet some truly frightening things are being revealed. Kurtz’s article has uncovered some very important facts about Obama’s past actions. Obviously, Obama has little experience in government affairs but a lot of experience with the shakedown. This shakedown is part and parcel of the current financial meltdown. The organization that Obama was involved with is at the heart of the issue. It is not really a seed, as its acronym suggests, but a maggot in disguise. What continues the disturbing pattern are spooky characters like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank attempting to turn this travesty completely around and deflect the blame on others. All of this would really be funny if it were not for the potential devastation of our economy and presidency at the hands of fools and the selfish. Maurice Victor* Thank God that someone finally has provided a clear explanation of the root cause of our financial crisis. But why didn’t McCain say anything about this in the debate? Was he afraid of hurting someone’s feelings? Charley Stark* How is the fact that Obama is associated with Bill Ayers not a problem for Americans in a time of war? Obama also has close relations with ACORN. If this is not bad enough, Obama shows disdain for those who died in Iraq by not being able to readily name the soldier for whom he wears a freedom bracelet. Yet, somehow, Obama is still a viable candidate for president of the United States. Go figure. Michael Patrocuolla* I am a transplanted New Yorker in North Carolina and really miss The Post. I am sharing this article with locals down here in hopes of opening up their eyes. The more that the public knows about Obama, the more it should question him. His associations are downright scary. He wants us to believe that he is not a typical politician, but when you look at his past, he has used all his associations for political gain. He is no different than the rest – just a more polished speaker with a big bankroll. This is not change we can believe in; this is change for the worse. Craig Boyer

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