Independence Caucus officially endorses BJ Lawson and Glen Bradley...

We are pleased to announce that the votes are in and the process complete for the 4th district US House and 49th NC House.

BJ Lawson is endorsed for the 4th district US House in NC: http://www.LawsonForCongress.com

Glen Bradley is endorsed for the 49th NC House District:


The Independence Caucus vetting process for endorsement generally follows this process:

1) Candidates are emailed invitations to take our test with a copy of the questions.

2) Once a candidate responds that he/she agrees to take the test they are sent a link to submit the questions online (from our national vetting coordinator)

3) Assuming a score of above 70% (lowest was 91% so far in NC) we move to schedule an interview that is conducted online and/or over the phone with key members and others who wish to join.

4) The interview is recorded and placed online for any member in the state to listen to.

5) After it is online for about a week or so each member from the state is sent a link to submit an online vote.

6) If there is only one candidate it is yes or no, if there is more than one then each member must vote for the best candidate via the online vote.

7) A background check is run on the candidates who win.

8)  The candidate is endorsed and a letter is emailed to them, placed on facebook and then after they fill out some paper work they are added to our site of endorsed candidates.

We do not always endorse a candidate in every district at every level as it might be counter productive. There are ways to help in other districts if there is not a good candidate in yours…see below.

How we help endorsed candidates:

1) Plastering information about their endorsement all over facebook, etc.

2) Researching information on their opponent(s) on their voting history, etc.

3) Making phone calls on behalf of icaucus and/or the candidate(s)

4) Putting out yard signs

5) Handing out fliers

6) Educating ourselves about their stance on issues, how this relates to the issues at hand and their opponents voting record.