How to win an election with little $ from someone who has...featuring Frank Anderson, co-founder of The Independence Caucus and BJ Lawson (Candidate for US House for 4th district)

At the Golden Corral in Cary, NC on August 2nd from 5 – 9pm please join the founder of The Independence Caucus in an effort to gear up for the coming November 2010 and 2012 elections. This is a FREE service to look at joining an organization with experience in getting grass roots conservatives elected.

Frank Anderson is the co-founder of The Independence Caucus, a nationwide organization committed to removing compromised incumbents from office and replacing them with good men and women who commit to Fiscal Responsibility through Adherence to Constitutional Authority.

In 2008, Frank was a volunteer researcher and writer for the grassroots campaign of Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), and he helped Chaffetz defeat a six-term compromised incumbent despite being outspent by more than 6 to 1.

In 2010, Mr. Anderson and the Independence Caucus helped organize the successful grassroots effort to defeat 18 year incumbent Senator Bob Bennett…the chief Republican architect of the TARP bailouts.

Frank has distilled his successful campaign experience and research into 2 presentations: “What’s wrong with Washington and how to fix it” and “How to LOSE grassroots campaigns…and how to win them, too!”

Fortunately for North Carolina, Frank will be delivering both presentations to us!

IC is focused on finding principled candidates, vetting, endorsing, and campaigning through volunteerism to get them elected; and holding them accountable to their principles and commitments. There are websites for bloggers, opposition research, videos about opponents and general communication. They are not a third party.

Please join us for this important event.

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